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Happy to introduce: Magdalena Göbel

Magdalena rejoined the firm as our now fourth full-time Associate at the beginning of June after a having worked with us in 2020 already as a trainee lawyer. We are thrilled to have her back on board!

Magdalena completed her legal traineeship in Hamburg (ranked 4th in the entire state!) with stages at the Permanent Court of Arbitration in The Hague, the arbitration practice group of a leading international law firm in Frankfurt, the Federal German Ministry of Justice in Berlin, and the Prosecutor General in Hamburg. She studied law in Kiel, at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg and at Fundan University in Shanghai, China. Magdalena also studied in the United States while spending a year there after High School. She was awarded numerous distinctions for academic achievements and has a vivid interest in international law. Magdalena also organised the 2019 Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court as German National Administrator, coached the German champion team in 2016 and won the best memorial award in 2015. She is a former managing director and the current Secretary-General of Bucerius Alumni e.V.

Magdalena is a polyglot - German, English, French, Spanish and some Mandarin – a street dance and western horseback riding enthusiast and a fan of Southeast Asian cuisine.

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